Find Seer Mal Nei`Shi at Neg 40 - Neg 200 in PoKnowledge. (In a building near soulbinder.) You must sit when talking to her, or she won't give you the responses you want. You also must have her targeted. First say "Unlock memories" until they repeat or you get a message about your childhood. Doing this can help fix flags for things that have been done out of order.

Now say "guided meditation". You can either turn on logging and paste the EXACT text that the seer says here (recommended), or fill in the checkboxes below. Don't bother trimming off any of the funky logfile text, just paste it all directly here. Include text from both the "unlock memories" and the "guided meditation". The logfile will be in your Home directory/Library/Application Support/Everquest/PlayerLogs, named eqlog_YourName_52.txt.

In other words:

/log on
/target seer
/say unlock memories
/say guided meditation
/log off

Tier 1 - Plane of Justice
The evidence of Mavuin is the only thing that can save him now.
Having endured the trials, the Tribunal has agreed to reconsider Mavuin's case.
Mavuin is grateful to you for taking his case before the Tribunal. The information provided to you, that Mithaniel Marr and Karana carry information you should seek, could be quite useful.
Tier 1 - Plane of Disease (Grummus)
Alder Fuirstel wishes you to obtain the Ward from the Plane of Disease and take it to his ill brother Milyk.
For a moment you pause, sticking your hand into your pocket. Inside you find the small ward that was lying near Grummus' body, perhaps you should bring it to Milyk.
Grummus has been destroyed, about his corpse you found a small ward to protect from disease.
Now that Grummus has been destroyed, the entrance to the Crypt of Bertoxxulous should open before your might.
Tier 1 - Plane of Nightmare (Terris Thule)
Thelin being tormented by the imagery of Terris Thule needs assisstance escaping from the Plane of Nightmares.
Thelin has completed his pact with Terris Thule, but has been refused. The only way to escape his torment now is to destroy Terris Thule.
Terris still haunts your nightmares whenever you attemt to recall your battle with her.
Terris Thule's grasp over Thelin has been released
Saved from a world of eternal nightmares, Thelin is forever in your debt.
Tier 1 - Plane of Innovation (Manaetic Behemoth)
You remember Nitram's words - 'three small turns to the right on the bottommost rivet should open the door'.
Giwin would like you to find him in Drunder so he can present you to Rallos Zek.
Tier 2 - Plane of Valor (Aerin'Dar)
You have defeated Aerin`Dar but have yet to learn the true meaning of Justice
You have bested Aerin`Dar and proven yourself honorable enough to pass into Mithaniel's Halls.
Tier 2 - Plane of Storms
You have shown your prowess in battle to Askr, now you must make strides to get to the Bastion of Thunder.
You have obtained the Talisman of Thunderous Foyer from Askr, he seeks further assistance in the Bastion of Thunder
Tier 2 - Crypt of Decay (Bertoxxulous)
Milyk has been saved from certain death, but is not recovering. Only by destroying the ruler of all things pestilant will his curse be lifted.
Bertoxxulous has been slain. The curse from Milyk has been lifted.
As you recall your memory of your battle against the Plaguebringer, an image of the Fuirstel brothers flashes through your mind.
Saved from certain doom, Milyk and Adler are forever in your debt.
Tier 2 - Plane of Torment (Saryrn)
Tylis is being tortured by Saryrn. The only way for him to get away from his misery is to escape from the Plane of Torment.
Although it was kind of you to help him, Tylis still seems to have no idea who you are.
Tylis has been removed from his agony.
You attempt to recall your defeat of Saryrn, but whenever you try to focus you feel a searing pain on your arm.
You feel the searing pain of torment as half of the Cipher of the Gods glows on your arm.
Saryrn been destroyed. An aura surrounds the mystical symbols that have appeared on your arm.
Tier 3 - Plane of Tactics
Vallon Fell before you with great ease, you seem to remember some strange pouches around his body, but... well it's probably nothing
The pack of notes from Vallon are scribbled in a language that you cannot comprehend.
Tallon Fell before you with great ease, you seem to remember some strange pouches around his body, but... well it's probably nothing.
The pack of notes from Tallon are scribbled in a language that you cannot comprehend.
The parchments of Rallos are scribed in a language that you cannot comprehend; they do however have detailed drawings of the manaetic behemoth that you have already destroyed.
Your heart beat speeds as you recall the Warlord's flaming axe, behind the dark sockets of his helm you sense darker intentions.
Tier 3 - Bastion of Thunder (Agnarr)
You recall meeting with Karana, but the memory is clouded. You sense that the answer you seek may be in Storms.
The information obtained from Karana is written in a language that you cannot comprehend.
As you think back to your meeting with Karana the Talisman in your chest warms and a light rain falls from the sky. When you look down, a small book written in a language you can not read, rests in your hands
Tier 3 - Halls of Honor
You have beaten Rydda`Dar in the first of Honor's trials.
You have saved the villagers in the second of Honor's Trials.
You have defeated the nomads in the third of Honor's trials.
You have completed all of Honor's Trials.
Tier 3b - Temple of Marr
An image of Mithaniel flashes before you, "you have yet to earn a place of Honor. When you have, we will speak again."
An Image of Mithaniel flashes before you. He looks up from a small book in his hands and smiles at you, "You have not yet earned the Honor to see these words."
The information obtained from Mithaniel is written in a language that you cannot comprehend.
Mithaniel has been bested. An aura surrounds the mystical symbols that have appeared on your arm.
Tier 3 - Combined
The History translated for you reveals the fate of Zebuxoruk. Trapped in the Plane of Time you must gain the power of the elements to gain entrance.
The Cipher of the Divine Language appears on your arms for a brief moment then fades.
The words of Maelin echo in your mind, 'The Zeks and Solusek are planning an invasion in Norrath, find out more from Rallos if you can.
Tier 3 - Tower of Solusek Ro
The portal into the Plane of Fire has been altered. Miak needs you to find the correct way to channel the portal.
Arlyxir's wealth of knowledge flows through your mind.
Jiva's strength fills your body.
The power of Dresolik surges through you.
Xuzl's arcane wisdom pulses in your mind.
Rizlona's song slips through your thoughts.
Besting the Burning Prince proves your might, but you still must prove your warrior's spirit.
Tier 4 - Elementals
Learning of Zebuxoruk's fate, the only way to save him is gather materials that will allow you to power up the machine to send you into the Plane of Time. Maelin has charged you with finding an elemental power source sufficient to activate Meldrath's time machine.
The true route to the Plane of Fire is now clear in your mind.
Tier 5 - Time
Your soul has formed a bond with the Plane of Time. You can now pass through the portal in the Plane of Tranquility safely.